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Win My Award!!!

Well, by coming here you obviously want to apply for my award. This is my first award I've done, how do you like it? Here's a sample of what it will look like--once you've won the award, you'll get one without the "SAMPLE" scrawled across it.

I suppose you want to know how one wins my award...here are the criteria:

1. Your site must be mainly Beatle-related, whether group, solo, or kids.
2. Ideally, you shouldn't have any broken images (but I know it happens from time to time, so I will excuse a couple).
3. You must sign the guestbook! (Don't ya hate it when people ask that of you?)
4. I'd prefer it if you didn't have that annoying Beatle-bobbing-head GIF...it's everywhere like a fungus.
5. Most importantly, your site must have an overall good appearance, easily navigable, and have that extra "something" that makes your site unique, special, and fun.

Easy enough, right? Well, here's what I need from you to apply for my award:

Send me an email at littlenicola197@yahoo.com with your name, your complete site URL, your email address, and some sort of pathetic plea as to why you want my award. I'd also appreciate it if you sent a joke along with your application. It won't help or hinder you either way; I just like to hear funny jokes! :-)


Look at the company you can join if you win my award!


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