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The Beatles

Anyone who knows me even just a bit will tell you that the Beatles are my all-time favorite group EVER! (By the by, you gotta go see A Hard Day's Night in theatres--here's the official Miramax website!) I've tried to do them justice with my on-line tribute to them...here goes!

Paperback Writer--Here's my small directory of stuff I've written about the Beatles. I did a paper in college on Sgt. Pepper and a review of the Sir George lecture on that album, plus you can read my first Beatles fan fiction, Lovers and Friends.

Fan Fiction--My mini-guide to the best in Beatles Fan Fiction, including directories and individual stories.

Links--Click here for a lot of Beatle-related links.

Webrings--I finally joined enough webrings that I needed to put them on a separate page!

Pictures--I've started to put some pictures of the Beatles up on my website. I will pledge right now to only put the best pictures up here, high-quality and all that.

Lyrics--All the lyrics to their studio albums, plus Past Masters. I hope to get BBC up sometime. And LOOKY! I actually have some song facts up, for Please Please Me. I'm doing the albums in order, so it may take a bit...keep checking back, though!

"Hey, who's that little old man?"--I couldn't resist putting up the script from one of my favorite movie scenes!

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame speech--This is the speech that Paul made for John's induction into the Hall as a solo artist.

That Thing You Do!--Yup, the awesome movie that Tom Hanks made his directorial debut with. Here I have a list of similarities between the Beatles and the Wonders. And do yourself a favor--see the movie, it's great, even if you don't like the Beatles!

Awards I've won--Can you believe people actually like this place? And I didn't even have to pay them!

Apply for my Award!--Yep, I have an award to give out; go ahead and apply for it!

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