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So, Joyce, the bass in my former quartet and my loveyameanit friend, has been harping on me to update this...so I will. I've been singing barbershop since October of 1999, I chartered with the Chain O'Lakes Chorus, now re-named Spirit of the Lakes Chorus of Sweet Adelines International. In September 2002, I transfered to the River City Sound Chorus based out of Rockford, IL. In summer 2003, I took some time away from barbershop, and finally got back into it in late 2004, and am now singing with the Choral-Aires out of Oakbrook, IL. In October 2005, we competed in the International Competition that was supposed to be in New Orleans but due to Hurricane Katrina, was moved to Detroit with five weeks' notice...amazing. It was my first time at International, either competing or watching. It was a whole lot of fun...tiring, educational, and fun (did I mention it was fun?). The chorus placed 6th overall, and I'm proud! Barbershop singing is a whole lot of fun...and it is quite a bit of sequins, though...

2006 started a new phase of my addiction to barbershop: at the suggestion of one of our bari section leaders, I switched from lead to baritone at the start of this year. It's certainly been challenging, but it's been a whole lot of fun!

UPDATE! What makes it more fun is winning Region 3!!! We're headed to International once again, in Calgary, October 2007!!!!

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