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Fab Four

Alright...Happy Together now has a new baritone, and now is the Fab Four. And here's the new picture! (I knew you'd be excited...) I've been in a barbershop quartet since May of 2000, and I LOVE IT! :-) Since I really can't say it better, I'll give y'all the bio that Joyce wrote for the last show we performed on. (By the way, from left to right is Cheryl (baritone), DeAnna (tenor), Winona (lead--hey, that's me!), and Joyce (bass).)

The "Fab Four" quartet had come together a little over two years ago. They love The Beatles, bad TV and barbershop, not necessarily in that order. They are:

DeAnna Freund (tenor) - DeAnna is a nurse, wife to a wonderful guy named Scott and is lady in waiting to her daughter, the adorable Princess Stephanie. She has been with Sweet Adelines since 1995, and is the smiliest person we know.

Winona Patterson (lead) - Winona lives in Aurora, IL and is married to the patient Adam. She is devoted to her four cats and knowing trivia no one her age should. Winona is a perfect lead: cute AND knows it.

Cheryl Tweddle (baritone) - Also the associate director of our chorus, Cheryl is a veteran quarteter and we are so grateful she is singing with us! Cheryl is the glowing wife of Howard, mom to all growed up children, Brian and Lauren, and works at Universal Instrument. She is the owner of a sweet sheltie, Emma, and a cozy house we all want to live in.

Joyce Wozniak (bass)- Joyce works full-time, has a wonderfully supportive husband, Chuck, and a wise beyond her years daughter, Katy. When Joyce is not singing or team coordinating with Spirit of the Lakes, she is usually searching the Internet for weird info to stump and amaze Winona with, or sleeping.

That's all for now...I'll write something else later, kids!

  Copyright ©1999-2004 Winona Patterson.