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My Friends

Nope, these aren't the ones that my mommy pays to play with me...these are my actual, bonafide friends! I will either put up webpage links or pictures of them, whatever I have.

Hubby!--Yeah, I know Adam's on the "me" page, but he's my friend, too! He's also got a lot of very cool and important things to say.

Jewelry by Heather--My pal, co-worker and partner in crime creates beautiful jewelry...stop by and BUY SOMETHING FROM HER!

My Dad--What, my dad can't be my friend?! This isn't actually his personal website, it's what he does for fun--French & Indian War reenactments. You haven't lived 'til you've seen your father in a breechcloth, let me tell you...love ya, Dad! These pictures are from Fort Ticonderoga event, June 2001. In the picture on the far left, he's on the right with his back kinda to the camera...you can figure the rest out.

Here's my friend Alicia the stuntwoman! She's appeared in a couple episodes of Early Edition (before it got cancelled--oh well, it's on F/X now, I think!). I have a few pictures of her from a stunt camp in Seattle.

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