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Here's some really fun & cool places to go on the 'Net...it's kinda a mishmash right now, but maybe once I get more sites up here, I'll organize them...who knows!

*NOTE*: Some of these sites may (and do) contain "questionable" material--click at your own risk.

Any-hoo, on to the fun...

--America's Finest News Source. Really.

When In Doubt, Use Parsley--the online journal of Amy Lester, a very funny woman from McHenry County--you're guaranteed a laugh!

Fact Monster--Yeah, only a dork like me would put an encyclopedia website on the "fun" page, right? Well, it's a very cool site, it's kid-oriented (which means they get right to the point), and has fun quizzes...watch out, you may learn something!

What Trading Spaces cast member are you?--Surprise surprise, I'm Paige... :-)

Redneck Neighbor--This man decided to put up a "shrine" of sorts, depicting the various idiocies of his (you guessed it) Redneck Neighbor. Truly not for the faint of heart...

WIL WHEATON DOT NET--Yes, that Wil Wheaton...I stumbled upon this from a link from FARK (which is also below), and not only is he a good actor, he's frickin' hysterical, and incredibly down-to-earth (and no, that wasn't a TNG joke)! Go there, you won't regret it!

Engrish--Not really politically correct...but still funny; it's a compendium of things from Asian countries with really poorly written English.

Instrument Jokes--I know a couple good conductor jokes that are on here, plus many others I know y'all will love!

Phonespell--Find out what your phone number spells!

The Brunching Shuttlecocks--Another funny place brought to you by people on too much caffeine.

Stiffs.com--No, not those kind of stiffs, this is a family show (yeah, right). It's just a collection of snide one-liners about dead celebrities.

1970's Children's TV--A cool place to go with pictures and sound clips from The Electric Company, Sid & Marty Krofft, and other cool shows & commercials.

Are you a Yankee or Dixie?--I'm 49% Yankee (barely a Yankee, according to them).

Yesterdayland--Along the same lines as the previous site, it's the best place I've seen for any references of the Letter People (the old-school ones, that is...well, except for here).

Urban Legends Reference Page--Good place to go when you get another one of those really stupid chain letter emails warning you of a free trip to Disney World while wearing free Gap clothes you got while hoping your computer wasn't affected by the Budweiser Frog virus.

Emode.com: Personality Tests and Quotes--More tests than you can shake a stick at. Good for a rainy afternoon.

Kitty--This site has no name, and is technically a waste of time...it's just got a cat on it, that if you move your mouse around, the cat moves to it. Like I said, a waste of time, but darn cute. (Kinda like me...hee hee)

FARK--A one-stop collection of recent, weird news stories. Very cool.

DISNEY Ever Notice ... ?--I just discovered this site...lots of hidden stuff (Jessica Rabbit's underwear and all that).

Minipops--Some people have WAY too much time on their hands...this site consists of little pixel drawings of famous people, musicians, movie stars, etc. Pretty cute stuff...

Slangsearch.com--Pretty self-explanatory, it contains several subcategories of slang...not exactly politically correct, but could prove useful.

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing--Horrible baby names from around the world. Courtesy of Not Without My Handbag.

Am I Annoying--No, that's not a question...well, it is...you can see how various celebrities rate on the annoying factor!

ATE MY BALLS--I have to put up a ton of these because they're so darn funny! (Thanks for inspiring me, Roger!) Here they are, in no particular order: Boss Hogg, Richard Simmons, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Pinky and the Brain, Britney Spears, Dawson's Creek, Meeno Peluce, Jerry Lewis, Kramer.

More to come!!!! If you know of a really funny, cool site, let me know!

Copyright ©1999-2006 Winona Patterson.