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HANFIC, baby...

I think I have enough links here to take the "OOPSIE" off since months ago, I screwed up and deleted this page. Oh well...
Bizness: Some stories contain strong content that may be inappropriate for some readers, but I trust each individual author to list their own ratings. Proceed with caution.

Various Artists
Typical Star
Together Alone
Space for Breathing
...Because it is bitter...
Insignificant Breakdown
Let Me Down
A Thousand Miles
Wishes do Come True (?)
Almost Paradise (?)
Straight No Chaser (?)
Writer's Block
To Make Me Who I Am
Like It or Not
Second Best
Falling (and other stories)
Not a Pretty Girl
In Dreams Begin Responsibility
Steam (?)
Something Unpredictable
Enlighten Me
Moris Stories
Hanson Through My Eyes

Hey, and please read my own Hanfic.

I'll get this back up soon, I swear. Sorry. :-(

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