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Yeah, I'm writing another fan fiction, but this time it's not the Beatles, it's Hanson...yeah, I know what you're gonna say, so SHUT UP! Thank you.

Well, I just "finished" the story--meaning I'm done with the first draft. It's kinda jumpy right now (meaning it jumps around through time), but I think I kinda like that...hell, I don't even know if the story's any good...I just felt like writing it...Any-hoo...

Aria Smithson used to babysit the Hanson kids from next door, and has remained friends with them through the fame years. When she's invited by Isaac to go to Taylor and Natalie's wedding with him, something quite unexpected happens.
And if I had to rate this, I guess I'd have to call it PG-13, bordering on R in one chapter.

DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story, thus the name of fan FICTION. I don't know the guys personally, they've probably forgotten all about their silly Cleveland reporter, and again, the story ain't true. There.

Now...on to the story...

When Isaac Met Aria...

Thanks to all who made me a Runner-Up in the categories of Best Romance Story, Best Isaac, and Best Quote (try to guess which one--ha!) at the Reckless Abandon Awards.

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