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Well, you just messed up big time now, didn't you? You thought you were headed for a site run by a cool lady with a lot of Beatle-related information, and some other odd stuff just thrown in...well, YOU'RE RIGHT!

Alright, you're *kinda* right...yes, I am quite cool in that dorky sort of way...but I'm so cool that I'm busy...as in, I'm working on an overhaul. And oh yeah, my life has undergone MAJOR changes in the last year (i.e., Megan)... and I'd like my website to reflect that, seeing as now, it's a reflection of me from a couple years ago. That being said, there will be a lot of stuff gone from this site (and a lot of other stuff added, and some stuff changed... you get the picture) in the coming weeks/months/light years. So sit back, enjoy the ride, remember that this is a hard-hat construction zone, and just roll with me, 'kay?

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