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Welcome one and all...

Yup, this is my little corner of's not the most content-heavy site you'll find, it's probably not the most interesting, but I've put my heart into this site since June of 1999, and it's always a work in progress, and things will be constantly updated and added.

Not-so-subliminal message: READ MY RAMBLINGS. That is all.

February's issue of H.notes is up!

Want a cool Beatle-related history lesson? Check out The Beatles Are Coming. It's written as a modern-day "blog" but chronicles a teenage girl's anticipation of the Beatles' coming to America. Quite cool...even though it is just a big commercial for Bruce Spizer's books.

I finally have the complete, uncut and uncensored report from Hanson's Cleveland acoustic show October 14, 2003. I was the official reporter. Coolness on a stick. Also, in a dizzying flurry of ambition, I completed my report on the 11/11/03 HOB Chicago show/taping.

FEST FOR BEATLES FANS 2003! I finally have "something" up on this. More pictures will come SOON, I swear. (That's not a Hanson "soon", that's a real "soon".)

I've Been Published! Well...sort's part of a compilation project for Illinois Wesleyan's recent magazine article on LOVE. And of course, since I met the ol' hubsteroni there, I just had to write something. Read it!

I have found the coolest website evah. Actually, this is the *other* coolest website evah. Besides this one, of course.

Wanna see something scary? Check out my Halloween costume from 2001! (FYI, that page will hopefully be turned into a memorial for my friend Tonya, who unexpectedly passed away on March 3, 2003.)

I did finally get a little info up on when I met Joe McIntyre! Check it out!

I'm always up for comments, constructive criticism, snide remarks, etc., about my website, so you can either email me or sign the guestbook below...

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Well, here it is!

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