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Meet Joe Mac...

...I did! :-)

On Friday, July 20, 2001, I got to go to Sam Goody in Yorktown Mall, Lombard, IL (along with about 450 of my closest friends) to stand in a line for about two hours to get my picture taken, get an autograph, and if I was lucky, chat for about 15 seconds with Joe McIntyre. But it was WORTH IT!

Of course, it took forever, we got sticky notes with our names on it so we wouldn't have to spell them for Joe (it's a time-saver, people, not because he's an idiot), and by the time I got up there, all I could get out of my mouth was, "I've been waiting ten years to meet you" (referring to my fandom since 1989--yeah, 12 years, you try and do math when you're thisclose to teenie heaven), to which he replied, "Oh, yeah?" as he signed my Fantasticks DVD insert (which I'll get a scan of someday, I swear).

Here's my pal Katy, waiting patiently, sipping her Mountain Dew...

And here's where Katy actually got to meet Joe.

And here's ME with Joe McIntyre...cute couple, eh? (Just don't tell my husband I said that...ha!)

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