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Kids In The Hall

My college roommate Samantha got me turned on to the Kids in the Hall. Although this Canadian comedy troupe is no longer together, their reruns can be seen on Comedy Central, and the troupe members are cropping up all over!

On 26 February 2000, I was able to see KITH in Rosemont, IL. Of course, I took Samantha! The whole night was a blast. They performed familiar sketches--Gavin and "So, you're painting a chair, eh?", The Country Doctor, Simon Milligan and Hecubus and the Sleep of Ages, Fran & Gordon and the "salty, bloody ham!"--and some new ones with old characters. The night wouldn't have been complete without a Buddy Cole monologue, and of course we got one, too! It was overall a good evening, and I would certainly recommend the evening to anyone who loves to laugh! Samantha and I got to see them in "concert" in February 2001...what a cool night!

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