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Lovers and Friends

This is my first attempt at writing a Beatles fan fiction story. I got interested in Beatles fan fiction after reading some of the great Beatles fanfics out there on the web, and figured I might as well try my hand at it! As with most fan fics I have seen, I have taken some liberties with historical events and facts. I've attempted to keep things as correct as possible, though, so please respect that. I'm just saying this so I don't get a ton of people harping on me because I got a studio date or a song list wrong. And I guess it should also be said that I have no connection to the Beatles or their families. So there's my disclaimer, thankyouverymuch.

Jill Dearborn, a college junior in 1962 Illinois, gets a chance to visit her aunt & uncle in London for the entire summer, to help her aunt with her record shop. While in England, Jill and her aunt take a trip up to Liverpool to visit a friend of her aunt's who happens to manage a local rock and roll band. What happens after that is in the story!

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Now...on to the story!

Lovers and Friends
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This goes without saying, but I'd better say it anyway...this whole entire story copyright © Winona, 1999.

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