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I got rhythm, I got MUSIC...

Here's some more links 'n stuff for music that I like: (WARNING: I've just changed the format for this page, let me know if anything doesn't work right.)

Barenaked Ladies | Ben Folds | Billy Joel | BoDeans | Brian Setzer Orchestra | Crowded House | Dave Matthews Band | Edwin McCain | Harry Connick, Jr. | John Mellencamp | Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band | king'singers | Melissa Etheridge | NKOTB | Queen | Sarah McClachlan | Toad the Wet Sprocket | Van Halen

Barenaked Ladies
I've liked them since: 1998ish, Adam got Rock Spectacle for a present.
why I like them: Their music is great, their lyrics are alternately funny and touching, and they seem like guys you could just hang around the house with and play Trivial Pursuit.
seen them in concert? nope, unfortunately, but I hope to next time they come around.
The Barenaked Heaven
Official BNL Site

Ben Folds
I've liked him since: Some time in 2003, when a friend put "Zak and Sara" on a mix CD for me.
why I like him: I love piano-driven rock and I love great pop songs, and I'm amazed that the piano/bass/drums trio thing can work for pop music. His tunes are great, his lyrics are introspective, funny, and/or cynical, and he's an unabashed geek.
seen him in concert? Nope. I keep missing him for some reason, but I do have BFF's Sessions at West 54th DVD.
Ben Folds' official website
Ben Folds Five official website

Billy Joel
I've liked him since: As long as I can remember. He's one of those people that's just embedded into my musical memories.
why I like him: I love piano in rock music. He writes wonderful stories, not just music, but stories. I think "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" is a mini masterpiece.
seen him in concert? Yup, about three times, I think. He puts on a helluva show.
Billy's Official Site
Shades of Grey
And So It Goes

I've liked them since: College, 1993ish, I think. They came to IWU my freshman year, and I had no clue who they were, so didn't plunk down the massive $10 fee to see them, but I started listening to their music shortly after that.
why I like them: About as close to the country-rock thing that I'm gonna get to. I love the melding of Kurt's mellow voice and Sam's nasal tones.
seen them in concert? Yup, four times, in 1996 (2nd row!), 1998 (1st row!), 1999, and 2001...but now their ticket prices are way expensive.

Brian Setzer Orchestra
I've liked them since: I enjoyed the Stray Cats when I was younger. I've always liked rockabilly and big band swing, and never knew how wonderfully they could meld together until I heard BSO.
why I like them: You can't sit still while listening to their music. Heck, I usually can't sit still anyway.
seen them in concert? Nope. :-(
Official BSO Site
Dawn's Brian Setzer Site

Crowded House
I've liked them since: Freshman year of high school, 1988.
why I like them: I keep going back to groups with wonderful harmonies, and they certainly have it. "Better Be Home Soon" is my favorite song by them.
seen him in concert? Unfortunately, I never did while they were still a band, and I hope to someday catch a Neil Finn solo show.
Crowded House @ AMWS
Crowded House Mailing List

Dave Matthews Band
I've liked them since: College. When I started college, I thought I would have to like R.E.M. (which I do, but just casually). But DMB came along, and soon that was the band to like in college. I didn't jump on the bandwagon, I came to like them on my own.
why I like them: They're a jazz-oriented rock jam band, what's not to like? And Dave's voice is unusual and quite cool.
seen them in concert? Summer of 2002, Alpine Valley...actually, didn't really see them, since I was kinda far back in the lawn...and I think I was the oldest person there besides the band (except Stephan). Also saw them December 2003 (the "Dave and Friends" tour, actually), and they played "Hey Bulldog"! I can now die happy. Got to watch the crowd in June 2005 during a DMB show...it was quite interesting to see the adoration on the faces...and the drunks are always amusing.
Official DMB Site

Edwin McCain
I've liked him since: The song "Solitude" came out when I was in college.
why I like him: There's something comforting and romantic about a guy and an acoustic guitar. I love his voice, and just can't get enough of his music.
seen him in concert? July 2004, with Hootie and the Blowfish, for the exorbitant price of $5...and of course, they played "Solitude."
Official Edwin Site

Harry Connick, Jr.
I've liked him since: the When Harry met Sally... soundtrack came out in 1988.
why I like him: He's the closest thing my generation will ever get to Frank Sinatra, and I love good big band music, and accessible jazz (none of the really freaky stuff), and he's both.
seen him in concert? Yup, 1992, a graduation present from my then-boyfriend.
HCJr. Fan Club site
Official HCJr. Site

John Mellencamp
I've liked him since: Another one of those that has just been around for a while in my head.
why I like him: The only rocker I know of who can write a song about a farmer losing his farm during the Reaganomics era and come across as honest.
seen him in concert? Nope.
John's own site

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band
I've liked them since: I first heard "Blue on Black", which was a few years ago.
why I like them: Kenny plays way too well for someone so young, and nobody can beat having Noah Hunt for a vocalist.
seen them in concert? Nope, not yet.
Official KWSB Page

I've liked them since: In college, I borrowed one of their classical CDs and was hooked.
why I like them: Remember when I said I gravitate towards groups with wonderful harmonies? Yeah. I think that's all I need to say.
seen them in concert? Nope, but I hope too very soon!
Official king'singers website
Primarily Acappella king'singers website

Melissa Etheridge
I've liked her since: Yes I Am came out (no pun intended). I think it was "I'm the Only One" that got me hooked...what a sexy song.
why I like her: That voice...wow.
seen her in concert? Nope (sniff!).
Melissa's Official Website
Melissa Etheridge, the one and only
Eddie's Never Enough Melissa Etheridge Website
Homage to Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Etheridge Lyrics Page

I've liked them since: July 1989...why that sticks in my head, I'll never know. This is the group that I was a full-throttle teenie for.
why I like them: Now, I just listen to the group's music and reminisce about old times, but I really like Joe's solo stuff.
seen them in concert? Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO, August 26, 1990, 25th row on the field, dead center. I couldn't talk for 4 days after that concert...and I'll never scream like that again. Yikes.
NKOTB Fan Club Site
Joe McIntyre
Jordan Knight
Danny Wood

I've liked them since: Remember when all VH1 had was old videos to play? I must've seen "Bohemian Rhapsody" on there a hundred times. That's what got me into them.
why I like them: Wonderful, classical-yet-rocking music. And Freddie could SING.
seen them in concert? Nope, not even one of the group members.
Queen's Official Site
Mercury Web
Queen Fan Club website
Queen Rocks
Queen Heaven

Sarah McClachlan
I've liked her since: Shortly after college...whenever it was that Fumbling Towards Ecstasy came out.
why I like her: Her lyrics and her ethereal voice.
seen her in concert? Nope, but a friend got me a t-shirt from Lilith Fair.
Official Sarah Site
Whispers and Fumblings
Lisa's Sarah McClachlan Page
Building a Mystery

Toad the Wet Sprocket
I've liked them since: Fear came out, with "Walk on the Ocean" as the first single.
why I like them: I can't quite explain it, other than they're a darn good band.
seen them in concert? Nope, darn it...had a chance to once on a double bill with the Cranberries, and for some reason didn't go. And now I'm kicking myself.
Official Toad Site
The Wonderful World of Toad
Toad the WWWet Sprocket

Van Halen
I've liked them since: 1984 came out...I never thought my dad would get me, a nine-year-old, an album with a smoking angel on the cover and songs like "Hot for Teacher"...thanks, Dad!
why I like them: Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. And the revolving frontmen are electric in their own ways (except Gary, didn't quite get the fit there, but he was wonderful in Extreme).
seen them in concert? Saw Van Hagar in 1994 or 1995, and saw a solo Sammy show in fall 2001, complete with exotic dancers serving him Waboritas...interesting. Saw Van Hagar again in July 2004; they were good, but not quite as good as the
Atomic Punks. Ouch.
Official VH Site
Sammy Hagar's Official Site

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