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Now Hear This!

This is just a section where I put my latest raves...what I'm reading, what I've seen, what I've heard...I might like it, I might not, but believe me, either way you'll hear about it. Y'all have been warned.

Under pressure from one certain male Croatian Hanson fan, I bought the Jayhawks' Hollywood Town Hall...a very BoDeans-feel, with some great Beatlesque harmonies. Thanks, Tom!

Finally got out to see Batman Begins...I've been waiting for this movie since Hubby and I stalked Christian Bale after the Hanson HOB concert taping November 11, 2003.

If you've ever been incensed at the lack of grammar in today's world, please pick up Eats, Shoots and Leaves : The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, by Lynne Truss. It's had me howling with laughter, and I take comfort in knowing there's someone else in the world who is thisclose to becoming a militant in this regard. Seriously...I'm about to start carrying Post-Its to correct grammatical mistakes.

Baby's first audiobook! I just plunked down an exorbitant amount of cash to get a limited-edition pre-sale version of Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek audiobook. Because, you know, I, too, am just a geek. Now I just have to sit down and actually listen to it.

Well, that's all for now...I'll change stuff around as it comes to me...

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