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Picture Pages, Picture Pages, time to get your picture pages, time to get your crayons and your pencils! Oh sorry, I just couldn't resist! Anyone who watched The Electric Company knows what I'm talking about...
This page is kinda under construction right now...I will try to get as many good Beatles pictures up here as I can. If you've navigated your way around the site, you've probably seen a few of these already in my fanfic. I hope to get thumbnails of these up sometime, but for now we just have links. Here goes!

Group Pics
Taking some time to read
Standing near a brick wall
Sitting around
A pillow fight
Look at Ringo's nifty hat
Pow! Bang! Smack!
At least we know they can all grow facial hair
The hallowed walls of the Abbey Road Studios
On the beach
An alternate to the Beatles For Sale cover
Standin' on a bridge
One of my favorite pictures
Posing in a dirty-looking place
About to play for adoring fans
From their last photo session
Driving go-karts
A famous pic by Astrid
Check out Paul's button!
Another fave pic of mine
With Richard Lester, director of their first two films
Lounging around
With their MBE medals
Mocking the screaming girls
A rather prophetic statement
Poster from their 1963 Palladium performance
I'm not going to pass judgement on the clothing selection here
Shooting the "Penny Lane" promotional video
Performing--what they do best!
At Shea Stadium
Performing on Thank Your Lucky Stars
Dizzying background on this set
An early professional photo with Pete as their drummer
"I'm sailing away..."
From the inside of the Beatles For Sale album
Shaking those famous mop tops
Leaving the Ministry of Silly Walks, perhaps?
Just standing around
Swimming Beatles
Tea time!
From the Beatles cartoon
George and Ringo in 'toon form
Peeking out a cartoon doorway
A cartoon billboard
Cartoon Paul at the piano
Ringo (and his nose) in 'toon form
Another favorite, with a really huge tree in the background

Partial Group Pics
George and Paul singing
John, George, and Paul rehearsing
John, George, Ringo...and Paul?
John & Paul--awesome pic
John & Paul singing
Paul & John on the Magical Mystery Tour Bus
John & Paul performing at Shea Stadium
John & Paul in the studio
John, Ringo, and Paul in the studio
Paul & George on the beach
Paul, George, and John strumming along

John Pics
Squeaky clean
A close-up shot
Which one's the teddy bear and which one's the teddy boy?
Playing the harmonica
With the 1843 poster that inspired a song
Very cool angular shot
With long hair
Profile shot

Paul Pics
Blackbeard the Beatle
You can never have too many close-up pics of Paul
What did I tell ya?
Good dental hygiene is important
Like animals in a cage
"Chains, my baby's got me locked up in chains..."
In the car with Martha
"Baby, you can drive my...boat?"
Yeah, but does he cook it, too?
Green is my favorite color...
But then again, orange has always been nice...
The Many Adventures of Paul on the Floor
From the Many Years From Now book cover
From Help!
Another from Help!
You can call me anytime!
A recent picture with some puppies
Oh, dear me...
Performing "Yesterday"

George Pics
Close-up of George
George and Patti
George and Patti again!
In his top hat from Help!
I think this one's from the "Paperback Writer"/"Rain" promo videos

Ringo Pics
Don't like cigarettes, but I like this picture
My, what big eyes you have
Ready to conquer the world
Looking smart in his hat
Showing off those famous rings

Well, that's all I have right now...if you have any really cool pictures of the Beatles that you'd like to share with me, let me know!

Copyright ©1999-2006 Winona Patterson.