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Alright...this won't end up as some sort of "blog" or webjournal or anything like that...(NOTE: actually, it's the actual "blog".)'s just a general compendium of what's on my mind right now. Newest ramblings are at the top. Enjoy, and attempt to hold on to your own sanity.

I HATE pilonidal cysts. Yup, after several years, mine's flared up again...I'll definitely spare you the gory details, but I will say that I'm scared to see this month's water bill after the 3-4 hot soapy baths I've had to take every day...although I do amuse myself by catching up on reading my Entertainment Weekly's and imagining I'm Prince in the "When Doves Cry" video every time I get out of the tub.

I'm from far enough south that I like my tea sweet. Deal with it.

I just bought a greatest hits collection for Van's wonderful, EXCEPT they put the "edited" version of "Brown Eyed Girl" on here (replacing "Makin' love in the green grass" with the previously sung "Laughin' and a-runnin', hey-hey")...grr...other than that, it's an excellent collection. Really.

I'm watching VH1'sTop 40 Hair Bands of All Time...ah, the memories of high school...yes, I was a closet hair band junkie...I may have outwardly liked NKOTB, but I did my fair share of rockin' to Trixter and Faster Pussycat. Hell yeah... :-)

It really pains me to watch American Idol, knowing that I think I'm good enough to go on that treasured trip to Hollywood...but at 28, I'm considered too "un-hip" to even be eligible to audition. Grr...

Why is it that the only time I actually want to clean is when I'm distracted or mad or otherwise emotionally challenged?

Anyone else looking forward to the Oscars as much as I am?

One of the things I love most about college football is how the fans get so into it. Another thing I love is the marching band halftime shows. And how much of the halftime shows, the REAL halftime shows, have been shown during all these corporate-sponsored bowl games? Very little...grr...

I must be getting old...I'm taking two days to recover from our New Year's par-tay. Sheesh.

Why is it that the whole last week before school gets out, the kids are already on mental vacation? I know, I was the same way when I was younger, but now it's just aggravating.

Any song with cowbell is cool.

Why do people keep telling me that I'm too young to sing barbershop? Grr....

Does anyone else think that "Cardinal Law" sounds like a bad Steven Segal movie title?

More people should listen to Shannon Curfman. She's darn good. As a matter of fact, I'm listening to her right now.

How the hell did I end up with three cats?

No, really...I have had enough of Wacko Jacko. Stop giving him attention. Please.

Sometimes I think I'm the only person under 30 who knows what Kino is.

Noah Hunt is one of the best vocalists out there.

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